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Books on Corporate Power and Globalization

The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic, by Chalmers Johnson
Owl Books, 2005, Paperback
From the author of the prophetic national bestseller Blowback, comes a startling look at militarism, American style, and its consequences abroad and at home.
Confessions of an Economic Hitman, by John Perkins
Plume, 2005, paperback
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man reveals a game that, according to John Perkins, is "as old as Empire" but that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions in an era of globalization.
Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama: Globalization and the Downsizing of the American Dream
Damaher, Kevin, Common Courage Press, 1997, Paperback
Cutting Corporate Welfare
Nader, Ralph, Seven Stories Press, 2000
The Divine Right of Capital: Dethroning the Corporate Aristocracy
Kelly, Marjorie, Berrett-Koehler, January 2003, Paperback
Downsize This!
Moore, Michael, Perennial (HarperCollins), 1997, Paperback
Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism in the Real World
Chomsky, Noam, AK Audio, 1999
The Post Corporate World: Life After Capitalism
Korten, David C., Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2000, Paperback
World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Violence and Global Instability
Chua, Amy, Doubleday Books, 2002, Hardcover
The Business of Consumption: Environmental Ethics and the Global Economy
Westra, Laura, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1998, Paperback
When Corporations Rule the World
Korten, David C., Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2001, Paperback
Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights
Hartmann, Thom, Rodale Press, October 2002, Hardcover

Books on Globalization Generally

False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism
Gray, John, New Press, 1998, Paperback
Field Guide to the Global Economy
Anderson, Sarah, New Press, 2000
The Follies of Globalisation Theory
Rosenberg, Justin, Verso, 2001
Monkeywrenching the New World Order
Chomsky, Noam, AK Audio, 2001
Calling the Shots: How Washington Dominates Today's Un
Bennis, Phyllis, Interlink Publishing Group, 2000, Paperback
Chomsky and Globalisation
Fox, Jeremy, Totem Books, 2001, Paperback
The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered
Soros, George, PublicAffairs, 2000
The Silent Takeover: Global Capitalism and the Death of Democracy
Hertz, Noreena, Free Press, 2002, Hardcover
George Soros on Globalization
Soros, George, PublicAffairs, 2002, Hardcover0
Globalization and Its Discontents
Stiglitz, Joseph E., W. W. Norton & Company, 20025
Globalization and the Challenges of the New Century: A Reader
O'Meara, Patrick, Indiana University Press, 2000
The Globalization of Poverty: Impacts of IMF & World Bank Reforms
Chossudovsky, Michel, Common Courage Press, 2001
Globalize This!: The Battle Against the World Trade Organization and Corporate Rule
Danaher, Kevin, Common Courage Press, 20005
Globalizing Civil Society: Reclaiming Our Right to Power
Korten, David C., Seven Stories Press, 1998
Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Re-Shaping the World
Barber, Benjamin R., Ballantine Books, 1996
The Lexus and the Olive Tree
Friedman, Thomas L., Anchor Books/Doubleday, 2000
The No Nonsense Guide to Globalization
Ellwood, Wayne, Verso, 2001, Paperback, $10.00
Panic Rules!: Everything You Need to Know about the Global Economy
Hahnel, Robin, South End Press, 1999, Paperback, $12.00
Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order
Chomsky, Noam, Seven Stories Press, 1998, Paperback, $15.95
Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train: Errant Economists, Shameful Spenders, and a Plan to Stop Them All
Czech, Brian, University of California Press, 2000, Hardcover, $40.00
Workin' on the Chain Gang: Shaking Off the Dead Hand of History
Mosley, Walter, Little Brown and Company, 2000, Hardcover, $16.95
Year 501: The Conquest Continues
Chomsky, Noam, South End Press, 1993, Paperback, $19.00
World Orders, Old and New
Chomsky, Noam, Columbia University Press, 1994, $32.50

Books on World Trade Agreements

10 Reasons to Abolish the IMF and World Bank
Danaher, Kevin, Routledge, 2001, Paperback, $6.95
Democratizing the Global Economy: The Battle Against the World Bank & IMF
Danaher, Kevin, Common Courage Press, 2001, Paperback, $15.95
MAI: The Multilateral Agreement on Investment and the Threat to American Freedom
Clarke, Tony, Stoddart, 1998, $9.95
The WTO: Five Years of Reasons to Resist Corporate Globalization
Wallach, Lori, Seven Stories Press, 1999, Paperback, $5.95

Books on the Effects of Globalization

America Needs Human Rights: Fighting Hunger and Poverty in the Richest Nation on Earth
Mittal, Anuradha, Food First, 1998, Paperback, $13.95
The Anti-Politics Machine: "Development, " Depoliticization, and Bureaucratic Power in Lesotho
Ferguson, James, University of Minnesota Press, 1994, Paperback, $18.95
Big Business, Poor Peoples: The Impact of Transnational Corporations on the World's Poor
Madeley, John, Palgrave MacMillan, 1999, Paperback, $19.95
Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy
Bales, Kevin, University of California Press, 2000, Paperback, $17.95
Enrob Annual Report 2001 (2001)
Platt, Charles, ReganBooks, 2002, Paperback, $10.95
Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future
Bowden, Charles, Aperture Book, 1998, Hardcover, $35.00
Latin America: From Colonization to Globalization
Chomsky, Noam, Ocean Press, 1999, Paperback, $12.95
Living Poor: A Peace Corps Chronicle (Paperback)
Thomsen, Moritz, University of Washington Press, 1991, Paperback, $18.95
Workers: An Archaeology of the Industrial Age
Salgado, Sebastiao, Aperture Book, 1993, Paperback, $75.00
An Uncertain Grace
Salgado, Sebastiao, Aperture Book, 1992, Paperback, $39.95
Views from the South: The Effects of Globalization and the WTO on Third World Countries
Anderson, Sarah, Food First, 2000, Paperback, $12.95

Books on Alternatives to Globalization

Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World Is Possible
International Forum On Globalization, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2002, Paperback, $15.95
The Future in the Balance: Essays on Globalization and Resistance
Bello, Walden, Food First, 2001, Paperback, $13.95
Global Village or Global Pillage: Economic Reconstruction from the Bottom Up
Brecher, Jeremy, South End Press, 1998, Paperback, $16.00
Globalization from Below: The Power of Solidarity
Brecher, Jeremy, South End Press, 2000, Paperback, $13.00

Books the Ethics of Globalization

The Amoral Elephant: Globalization and the Struggle for Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century
Tabb, William K., Monthly Review Press, 2001, Paperback, $18.00
One World: The Ethics of Globalization
Singer, Peter, Yale Univ Press, October 2002, Hardcover , $21.95
Global Justice and Transnational Politics: Essays on the Moral and Political Challenges of Globalization
De Greiff, Pablo, MIT Press, 2002, Paperback, $22.95

Books on Corporate Media

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Corporate Cons, Globalization, and High-Finance Fraudsters
Palast, Greg, Plume Books, 2003, Paperback, $14.00
Censored 2002/03: The Top 25 Censored Stories
Phillips, Peter, Seven Stories Press, 2002, Paperback, $17.95
Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy
McChesney, Robert Waterman, Seven Stories Press, 1997, Paperback, $5.95
Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World
Said, Edward W., Vintage Books USA, 1997, Paperback, $13.00
Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Doesn't Want You to See
McGowan, David, Common Courage Press, 2000, Paperback, $16.95
Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism
Beder, Sharon, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1998, , $19.95
The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media: Decoding Spin and Lies in Mainstream News
Solomon, Norman, Common Courage Press, 1999, Paperback, $15.95
Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press
Borjesson, Kristina, Prometheus Books, 2002, Hardcover, $26.00
Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media
Herman, Edward S., Pantheon Books, 1988, Paperback, $18.95
Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda
Chomsky, Noam, Seven Stories Press, 1997, $5.95
PR!: A Social History of Spin
Ewen, Stuart, Basic Books, 1998, Paperback, $19.00
Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times
McChesney, Robert Waterman, New Press, 2000, Paperback, $17.95
Taking the Risk Out of Democracy: Corporte Propaganda Versus Freedom and Liberty
Carey, Alex, University of Illinois Press, 1997, Paperback, $18.95
Toxic Sludge is Good for You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry
Stauber, John, Common Courage Press, 1995, Paperback, $17.95
Tracking the Charlatans: An Environmental Columnist's Refutational Handbook for the Propaganda Wars
Flattau, Edward, Global Horizon Press, 1998, $15.95
Trust Us We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles with Your Future
Rampton, Sheldon, Penguin Putnam, 2002, Paperback, $14.95
You Are Being Lied to: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths
Kick, Russ, Disinformation Company, 2001, Paperback, $24.95
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