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The Promise of Green Politics

Environmentalism and the Public Sphere

by Douglas Torgerson

240 pages, Duke University Press, 1999, Paperback

Politics today is dominated by business news and the stock market. But those in support of green politics ask whether the profit of some should continue to be the bottom line of political deliberations. In The Promise of Green Politics Douglas Torgerson advances a concept of politics that emphasizes ethics and discourse as well as strategy.

Torgerson argues that in a world stuck in administrative and scientific gridlock, the theatrical, comic aspects of green politics are as important as other, more goal-oriented, aspects. In creating new ways to speak about the environment, Torgerson argues, the green movement offers creative ways to reconsider larger issues of political theory and action.

Praise for The Promise of Green Politics

"A clear and major advance . . . . The Promise of Green Politics represents a new generation of green political thought that moves beyond earlier texts, which were mostly concerned with staking out the territory. Torgerson tackles many--perhaps most--of the key issues and questions left hanging by others and does so in sophisticated and convincing fashion."—John Dryzek, author of The Politics of the Earth

"A detailed and penetrating exploration of the relationship between the means and the ends in green politics. Torgerson offers a fresh synthesis of, and a new angle on, many of the ongoing environmental debates, from sustainable development and ecological modernization to questions of political strategy and lifestyle."—Robyn Eckersley, author of The Green State: Rethinking Democracy and Sovereignty

Quotes from The Promise of Green Politics

"A sense of crisis has surrounded green politics since its inception. Its ideas throw the future of humanity into question and raise the prospect of catastrophe—perhaps the very extinction of the human species—unless there is a profound change in the way human b

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