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Andrew Dobson

Andrew Dobson is Professor of Politics at Keele University (UK). His books include:

  • Green Political Thought, (1st ed. 1990, 4th ed. 2007, Korean ed. 1995, Spanish ed. 1997, Japanese ed. 2001, Chinese ed. 2005)
  • The Green Reader, editor (1991, Japanese ed. 1999, Spanish ed. 2000)
  • The Politics of Nature: Exploration in Green Political Theory, editor with P. Lucardie (1993)
  • Justice and the Environment: conceptions of environmental sustainability and dimensions of social justice (1998)
  • Fairness and Futurity: essays on environmental sustainability and social justice , editor (1999)
  • Citizenship and the Environment (2003)
  • Environmental Citizenship , editor with Derek Bell (2005)
  • Political Theory and the Ecological Challenge , editor with Robyn Eckersley (2006)

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